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A Dental Plan Designed 
With You In Mind…

Care 500Aetna Access

Our 12-Month Membership Includes

Everything You Need To Start Saving Right Now!!!

Preferred Provider Network

Choose from over 150,000 participating dentists nationwide from our preferred provider network. You do not need a referral, you can use any dentist within the PPN at anytime. Use Carrington’s referral program to refer your current dentist into the network. No referral to see a Specialist within the Network. See multiple Dentists throughout your 12-month period. Truly hassle free.

Affordable Yearly Pricing

Instead of Paying $400-500 per year your plan will save you each visit at the dental office and your yearly cost of having an affordable dental plan. Most plans give free preventive care items but your yearly costs go up increasing your overall costs of annual membership to exceed $400-500 per year. This plan will help you put more money back in your pocket per year and save every time you visit a dentist.

No Waiting For Usage

The moment you purchase the Careington Care 500 Series you can start you use it immediately for dental savings. Our Dentists have great relationships with Careington members and Careington pre-negotiates rates at the dental office. No waiting for usage means that a new member can start to use their discount plan for immediate savings on all major and minor procedures.

Unlimited Usage

No limit to the amount you will receive dental saving benefits for on all and every procedure. This means A PPN dental plan allows you to see the dentist and to save every time you visit no matter how many times you visit the dental office each year. This will eliminate any yearly disadvantages for having multiple work done within first 12-months of dental plan. Visit the dentist multiple times for multiple procedures.

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Individual Plans

12 Month Commitment
  • 1-Year Promotion (*monthly option available)

  • *$9.95/ mo.

  • + $20 App Fee

  • Save Immediate On:

  • Careington-Dental-Price-Table-Package

  • Annual Promotion Saves You 15% Off Your Yearly Cost

  • 15%

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Family Member+ Plans

12 Month Commitment
  • 1-Year Promotion (*monthly option available)

  • *$17.95/ mo.

  • + $20 App Fee

  • Save Immediate On:

  • Careington-Dental-Price-Table-Package

  • Annual Promotion Saves You 30% Off Your Yearly Cost

  • 30%

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Careington Care Endorsements

Woman smiling with perfect smile and white teeth in a park

Emily Wilkerson

“I signed up for the Careington Care 500 plan because I work part-time and go to school full-time I needed a plan to fit my specific budget. I love the Care 500 plan I know exactly what I’m going to pay for every time I have to go into the dentist… No surprises, no waiting, and it started the same day I signed up! My experience has been overly satisfied!! I can’t wait to tell all my friends at school about this plan totally awesome!”

Happy senior mature couple in love outside in nature

Janice & Terry Madison

“After my husband retired we spent tons of money yearly going to the dentist for regular check ups. Then one of our close friends mentioned the Care 500 saying we could save up to 60%… My first thought was well it sounded to good to be true! Then after doing some research I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it… I haven’t regretted it for one second we have saved a ton of money on our yearly dental check ups…”

Smile, park, casual.

The Harrison Family

“My employee plan just didn’t do enough for the entire family! A friend from work mentioned the affordable cost for the Care 500… Our family not only saves money each year but we can use the plan as many times as we need to! This is important for a family of 4 we need a plan fit specifically for our needs and budget… I’m thankful to know my entire family is cared for and we can add any other member for free under the family plan!”

More Than 10-Million Americans Nationwide Have Joined Careington.

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